Courageous Wellness

Asia Suler Talks Connecting to The Earth, Discovering Your Earth Healing Archetype, & her new book, Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World

November 2, 2022

Today on the podcast we sit down with Herbalist, writer, and Earth intuitive, and founder of One Willow Apothecaries, Asia Suler, who believes that self-compassion itself can be a force of ecological healing for the world.

In her new book, Mirrors in the Earth: Reflections on Self-Healing from the Living World, out now, she invites us to experience how our individual healing brings healing to our world. Reminding us that we are a part of the Earth and the Earth is a part of us, she guides us on a path back to self-acceptance, interconnection, and belonging, empowering us to make a stand for our natural environment. 

To learn more about Asia and take your Earth Archetypes quiz click here. You can also follow Asia on instagram @asiasuler

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