Courageous Wellness

Violet Lange Discusses Wellness Practices for Finding Pleasure in Dating, Love and Partnership

August 26, 2020

Today on the podcast we sit down with love, dating and relationship expert, Violet Lange. Violet's mission is to help women become empowered in love,  feel amazing in their bodies, and reclaim their feminine essence. She teaches women how to attract and maintain incredible partnerships through her signature program: Queens of Pleasure.

Violet teaches that we have the power to build healthy romance, healthy families, and a healthy world. She does this through integrating the masculine and feminine energy within all of us and our partnerships. She has her MBA from Harvard University, is a  500-hour registered yoga teacher, and has been coaching women for the last 7 years. Today you will get to hear Violet share her own story and why her life experiences led her to the work she now does.

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